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Une marque de qualité Allemande

senator® is the European market leader in the field of designing, producing and selling promotional merchandising products such as plastic and metal pens, mugs and glasses and writing accessories. We supply an extensive range of industries, through our exclusive partnerships with promotional merchandise distributors. There is no compromise, no cutting corners, owning a senator® product to create an “extramoredinary” look and feel to let your brand promotion shine brighter.

We draw on many decades of design and manufacturing experience, driving innovations and technological trend leading to millions of enthused recipient.

You’re safe with senator®!

Votre marque est entre de bonnes mains et surtout sur les bons produits.

Proche de nos clients et partenaires

Value creation within a long term partnership makes the difference in a very competitive environment. That´s why  Senator supplies worldwide in over 80 countries and distributes their wide range of promotional merchandising and office products via different retail channels to business and private satisfied recipient.


Best in Class – Because we love what we do!

Notre gamme se compose de produits permettant de répondre à la majorité des requêtes de vos clients.

Nous vous offrons plus : 

  • Plus de couleurs
  • Plus de choix
  • Plus de style

Et encore plus d'originalité au travers de nos techniques de personnalisation.


Notre business model

Vous pouvez compter sur nous.

Nos produits sont exclusivement dédiés au marché publicitaire et nous ne les commercialisons qu'au travers de revendeurs spécialisés dans l'objet publicitaire.













 Ceci nous permet de nous concentrer sur le service que nous vous apportons.


Industry Experience

De multiples sociétés dans divers secteurs d'activités comptent tous les jours sur les produits senator®.

Nous travaillons, via nos revendeurs, avec tous les secteurs d'activité. Nous connaissons leurs attentes et leurs  We know what the customers of the different industries ask for and what their targets are for their brand promotion. We supply an extensive range of industries, through our promotional merchandise distributors including:



German brand quality and design

We cover the complete process chain from the very first idea up to the final printed plastic pen in our factory in Germany:

Technologically refined, produced and dedicated to fulfil highest demands in terms of design, functionality and design.


Best in Print: senator® Pens 


Every brand deserves highest attention. Therefore, the choice of the right branding technique is decisive. We are specialised in giving our brand promotion all the attention that it deserves. 

We use the following state-of-the-art technologies and many more:

  • 360° Wrap-Around Barrel Print: Much advertising space on a small surface. We use the biggest possible space for eye-catching prints.
  • Screen Print:  Very sharp and clear results, bright colours – for an easy and fast clean brand presentation
  • Pad Print: Curved clips – no problem at all.
  • Laser engraving: The most durable and most valuable way of branding. Also suitable for personal names.

And many more...

La seule et l'unique, l'impression HD


Une exclusivité mondiale uniquement disponible chez senator®

Vos marquages deviennent tactiles : L'impression HD, grace à l'ajout d'un vernis, permet d'imprimer avec un effet relief.

Les dégradés de couleurs, les ombres, les photos ne sont plus un problème.

Best in Print: senator® Mugs


Les mugs Senator® peuvent être personnalisés , Glasses and Thermo Mugs can be as impressively branded as our ball pens and speak for themselves by their high class precision and creativity. 

Among our core competences count for example:

  • Transfer Print: For perfect colour gradients and multi colour prints
  • Sublimation: Brilliant large area prints at a low price – especially for small quantities
  • Color 4U: We colour the complete mug to your specification
  • Bottom 4U: Striking colour accents on the bottom of the glass for eye-catching effects

and many more …


And the winner is …

We continuously strive to raise customer service standards and invest in new technologies and new designs which grow and push the promotional industry forward.


You are safe with senator®

La sécurité des utilisateurs de nos produits est primordiale. En tant que société certifiée ISO nous nous devons de vous fournir des certificats
Safety is important for us. As an ISO-certified company it is our aim to provide certified quality. Approved safety is highest priority for it is our target that our customers can rely on us keeping our promises. 


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